Povest' vremennykh let
Introduction to PVL
Principles of Transcription
PVL Text: K 1-31
PVL Text: K 32-63
PVL Text: K 64-92
PVL Text: K 93-119
PVL Text: K 120-145
PVL Text: K 146-171
PVL Text: K 172-203
PVL Text: K 204-227
PVL Text: K 228-286

Changes Made in On-Line Version since the Appearance of the Published Hard-Copy Version of October 2003

Alpha Text of the PVL (reconstruction)

"Scribal Practices and Copying Probabilities"

"The Nachal'nyi svod Theory and the Povest' vremennykh let"

"Pagan Past and Christian Identity in the Primary Chronicle"

"Psalmic Quotations in the Povest' vremennykh let"

Quotations from the Psalms in the PVL Arranged according to Their Appearance in the Psalter

Abbreviations Used in "Quotations from the Psalms"

The "Enclosed People" of the Revelations of Pseudo-Methodios of Patara in the Povest' vremennyx let

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